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Relationships | Knowledge | Confidence

Building relationships requires time and authenticity. Within the relationships I gratefully develop, I am always eager to share and acquire new knowledge about anything that connects me to another individual. The knowledge I am acquiring each day in the business of real estate excites me because I know that I will be able to share it with you. With our trusting relationship and combined knowledge, we can take each step together with confidence.

Things I’m always eager to share about:
Quiet and colorful PNW sunsets
My latest personal habits and goals
How I came to Washington from North Carolina
Humbling hikes
My quirky cats, SuSu and JuJu

Little-known Story:
During an alternative spring break trip with Habitat for Humanity in college, we were working on building an access ramp for a home in the cold snow. Out of about 12 people on our trip, I was the one trying to bring people together with goofy jokes and conversations despite the work and weather.

At some point, our chaperone asked with a smile, “you just can’t stop, can you?” I looked at him and asked “what?” He answered: “talking.”

Long story short, the bet was that if I stopped talking for just 5 minutes, I would get $10. I increased the challenge by not talking for 30 minutes, won the $10, AND created more of bond amongst the team as everyone’s goal was to get me to say something over the course of the 30 minutes. Building relationships has always been my goal, with or without words.

National Association of Realtors | Tacoma/Pierce County Association of Realtors |
Bachelor’s Degree Organizational Communication | Bachelor’s Degree Sociology | AmeriCorps - City Year Alumna |

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