Christin D.

Sarah recently helped us sell our two rental houses and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She was so helpful and knowledgeable navigating the whole process. My husband and I both have crazy work schedules and she was more than accommodating. She handled as much as she was appropriately able without needing to involve or interrupt our daily lives, and was able to catch things that would have taken money out of our pocket that we likely would have never noticed. Sarah is professional, hardworking, kind, and a pleasure to work and spend time with. Her values and work ethic are definitely uncommon in today’s world. I have referred several people including other family members and would happily recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home. If and when the time comes for us to buy or sell again Sarah will be the first call I make!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Webster Family

We hired Sarah to sell our home in DuPont, Washington after going through a very arduous “For Sale By Owner” process that didn’t end well.  After trying to handle all the details of a real estate transaction by ourselves and from two states away, we were ready to turn over the reins to a competent agent who could protect our interest and handle all of the details.  Sarah assured us she would take care of everything and make sure the entire process was executed in a timely manner.  She did not disappoint.  Sarah made very wise recommendations as to what repairs, painting, lawn work, etc needed to be done to spruce up the property, but not break the bank.  We placed full trust in Sarah and followed all of her recommendations to a tee.  We found Sarah to be very knowledgeable of the local real estate market, appropriate list price and effective marketing strategy.  Even though Sarah began our home sale process in less than ideal circumstances, she overcame every obstacle and we had a solid offer within 10 days of listing.  Yes, Sarah is knowledgeable, professional and highly capable of getting the job done.  But equally as important is her kindness and positivity through the process!  So give yourself the gift of working with this gem of a person.  You won’t regret it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Carol K

Sarah Major is 100% in for you. She is committed and dedicated to making sure your “Purchase or Sale” of your home is the best experience you can have. She communicates effectively and warmly with a smile on her face. Her personality is able to handle all kinds of situations, good or bad.

I have known Sarah professionally and personally for many years. Her code of ethics is upmost.

You won’t be disappointed with the quality and professionalism that you will receive from her. She is truly a remarkable lady!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrea M

Sarah is by far the best realtor I could have ever imagined working with. I have numerous friends in the industry but I choose specifically to go with someone I didn't personally know and Sarah could not have been a more perfect fit. She remembered absolutely everything I told her about what I was looking for and my life in general, from the very first meeting all the way to the very end. She took absolutely all stress away and as a first time home buyer, that was one of the best things. I had zero stress. The entire process was explained fully and she was always available to answer even the silliest of questions. Hands down, I would recommend Sarah to everyone. She is no longer just my realtor, she has become a lifelong friend and like family. I can't wait to hopefully use her again one day simply because of how easy she made the process and how absolutely wonderful she is both professionally and as a person. Love her!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This was our first time buying a home; when we started looking for a realtor, Sarah was recommended to us by a family member. From the very first time we met her, she gave us both huge hugs and smiles. We felt more at ease knowing that Sarah had such a warm and positive attitude. She told us about her background in the industry and we liked the fact that she had previous experience working as a loan provider, so she could help us on that forefront as well as everything else that came along with buying our first home.

Both of our apartment leases were ending relatively soon, so we were pressed for time when it came to finding a house to move into together. We asked Sarah to do a lot of different home viewings within a short time frame and she was always very happy to meet with us, even though we asked a lot of her. When we started to find houses that we liked, Sarah was very thorough and diligent in writing up our offers on different houses. I remember once she even wrote up a contract for us while she was in the middle of a family vacation. After she would finish writing up the contract, she was very patient with us because we would ask her a lot of questions about the jargon and terms of the contract since we were so new to the home-buying process. Sarah was always really good about responding to our texts, emails, and phone calls, even though she had many other clients she was working with.

After some time, we had finally found the house that we both were certain we wanted to call home. Sarah did everything she could to make sure that we got the house. It was not an easy task, as we were competing against 13 other offers. We didn’t even have the highest offer, but somehow Sarah worked her magic and got us our first home. Sarah puts a lot of pride into her work; she made the process easier for us and was kind, knowledgeable, and patient along the way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sarah Major is definitely the best realtor I have had the pleasure to work with, probably the best realtor in Washington state. Sarah was attentive and willing to learn everything she could about us and what we were looking for in a home. She somehow managed to balance our wants and needs, with her ideas, without showing us homes we had no desire to see.

She was positive, encouraging, and always ready to show us anything we wanted to look at. You can tell when someone is just doing their job, vs someone who is passionate about their job. Sarah is definitely passionate about what she does. She was always excited to show us homes, put in offers, and crunch numbers. No matter how busy she was, it never felt like she didn't have time. All we had to do was mention a home, and we were not only looking at it within hours, but she knew the back ground, status of the home and owners, and every detail available. If we wanted to know any more she would do everything to find out any detail she could.

She is amazingly knowledgeable, and was always ready with suggestions, opinions, and resources to help in any way needed. Sarah made us feel so confident, knowing she had every option, angle, and resource covered. When we put in the offer on our home, Sarah took the time to make calls and figure out our rates and fees as exact as possible. Crunching numbers, and going over them with us, so we had confidence in what we were spending.

Sarah made home shopping so pleasurable, I actually wish we needed another home, just so we could work with her again! Thank you Sarah for not only putting in the time for us, but making us feel like family while you did it.